Azulene wax is our favorite!

Azulene wax is commonly used to get rid of all your unwanted hair in a gentle way. This wax has been known to be amazing for the most sensitive of skins!

We only use All-Natural finishing products so the skin is soothed after waxing to cut down on redness and healing time.




Azulene HARD WAX


Price Menu

Other areas not listed:  **inquire for a quote**

Brow Shaping   $12
Brow Shape & Tint   $19
Upper Lip   $6
Brow & Upper Lip  $17
Chin   $7
Full Face (Brows, Upper lip, Sides of face, Chin/Neck)   $25
Brazilian Bikini   $39
Extended Bikini   $29
Classic Bikini   $24
Full Leg   $65
Upper Leg   $40
Lower Leg   $28
Full Arm   $25
Half Arm   $15
Underarm   $9
Full Back   $59
Full Chest   $59
Naval   $8